A Pyromaniac in the Woodshed

1 “Daniel Love! If you don’t get out of that manhole this instant I will phone your mother!” she was standing three feet above me on the wet pavement holding mine and the Doc’s bags. “Ha! You’ve gotta come down here its awesome!” I yelled up through the darkness with Doc at my side sporting … Continue reading A Pyromaniac in the Woodshed

For the old boy sat alone at the table

There was always room for one more place at the table, the seat always sat empty under the patterned table cloth, all stained with blood and nicotine coughed from the lungs of Pops, the old man with a gold tooth and a plastic heart. Pops had sat alone at the table for four years since … Continue reading For the old boy sat alone at the table

Stand Clear – Doors Closing

STAND CLEAR DOORS CLOSING   In my opinion she had had it coming, she was annoying, and I have a short fuse, short enough to punch old ladies in the neck, it was lucky her grandson wasn’t there as I probably would have pulled his hair and called him names... sticks and stones and all … Continue reading Stand Clear – Doors Closing


I often bang on about the world as a herd Of sheep following puppeteer shepherds all being absurd Been over it once. A second. A third. And it’s time to take stock if I want my mind to be heard Time to stop sulking, stop kicking up dirt In old dusty playgrounds of memories hurt … Continue reading Words

The Kitchen

It was hotter than usual in the kitchen. I had been left to cover the Sunday lunch and dinner shifts with one insufferable moron who didn’t know where anything was. The stainless steel dungeon with its gas burners, fat fryers, microwaves and hot ass shelves on the pass were all licking me with malevolent heat. … Continue reading The Kitchen