What is Hanoi Part 2. Doi Can street provides

What is Hanoi? Part two.

Doi Can Street provides.


Down at street level the sidewalks – pavements are packed

Food stalls spill in to the road where adults sit on kindergarten stools

Food is plentiful and cheap

Everything you would come to expect from a Vietnamese road side

Mi Xao, Banh Cuon, Bun Rieu Ca, Ga, Bo, Tea stores straight from Taiwan

Popeyes chicken, BK, Dominos, Loterria, coffe shops

Coffee shops slinging coffee laced with amphetamines,

Stay out of the Old Quarter if you want good VN cuisine

The street food always lives where the working-class do.

Doi Can st. provides. The two mile stretch I’ve called home.

Our purple, giraffe-skin blanket, all my clothes and shoes

All the food we could ever eat, padlocks, scooters, toys, lottery tickets

Vodka, beers, cabbage, eye-pleasing tropical fruits, karaoke bars,

Artisan Korean ice noodles, a downed B-52 bomber, toolshops, cigarettes,

Brooms, chickens – live chickens, fighting chickens, baby chickens,

Chickens under up-turned beer crates, western bars, Bia Hoi, post offices, online gaming, trees, weed, haircuts and paint.

No pornography.

All this beside a constant stream of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles

But, the cars can only go one way and the trucks blast through

The over-cropping trees that smash branches down

on unsuspecting pedestrians.

You have to watch your step while meandering along Doi Can st.

Burning charcoals and fans with no protective cages sit on the ground next to angry dogs chained to trees.

All the wonderful things to burn, lacerate, bite and infect the careless.

Scooters drive the wrong way down the street so you have to keep your eye on the road at all times. Because the little electric scooters creep up on you and threaten to run you over in silent murder.

You have to learn to weave and see ten paces ahead of you at all times.

Don’t get mad at the elderly lady lazily strolling in front of you.

She’s walking slow because she’s been walking her whole life towards a job

That is undoubtedly a lot worse then any I’ve ever had.

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