What is Hanoi part five. Animals


What is Hanoi part five… Animals


I’ll start with dogs – an extra toe shows apparent pedigree

Just an extra little useless appendage flapping on the ankle

A neck – through spine – to tail Mohawk runs long the back

All black and tan, like little German Shepherds running around

Get up to their own business in harmless, inquisitive packs

I’m a fan of the chickens, a fan of all chickens

Scratching about and shouting at strangers and other chickens

That they hear in distant alleyways, crowing in echoes of the walls

Flapping their wings, trying to fly I presume, but never getting far

Cockroaches everywhere, from tiny little ones to prehistoric monsters skittering around on floors and walls.

Children yell at them in neon hallways while pointing fingers

And dancing on their toes.

Ants, for the most part are harmless and non invasive

And happy to clean up the mosquitoes I kill

I’ve massacred hundreds of them, the ear-buzzing little assholes

Geckos chirp at you from the darkness of cracks in walls

Noisy little warriors screaming at their green foes who encroach on their feeding territories. Eating up all the flying stingers and biters that make a person itch in the morning if you leave a window open.

An urban owl that flies among the rooftops hunting bats in an aerial dog-fight under the hot sky sits atop a rusted water tank.

A guardian of the night, swooping to feast on squeaking rats

Rats that climb up the insane, tangled phone lines that snake through every corner of every alleyway and road in Hanoi.

Everywhere the rats – hopping around – acrobats of the fading hours, ducking into holes under kerbs and burrowing into giant trash piles. Dinner for the rats.

Me and the rats should go out for a beer – I bet they have stories.

Giant snails and butterflies always surprise, not so used to the giant bugs. I don’t think I ever will be.


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