August in London

Too hot in this metropolis, too many people’s fatigue

Pouring out in sweaty bullets all dying on the ground

These sounds of summer accompanied weeks of grey cloud

And now… now I’m so hot I can’t sleep at night

Alongside busy roads as air oscillates from fans.

There’s no alighting this planetary oven in which I cook

Like a fat greasy sausage sweating out my energy

My empty belly accompanies my even emptier wallet

And my anger rages from pathetic starvation and relentless heat

My hands are slick with perspiration

My feet slip on the ancient retro wooden floors

My parched mouth and dried out spine ache with sleep deprivation

I have become a nighthawk

In a depressing Edward Hopper painting talking to phantoms

Stuck in crevices in the corners of my eyes talking nonsense

In rambling mumblings so incoherent I feel insane.

I long to live inside an icicle befriending arctic hares

Hopping through deep snow in confusing peninsulas

I’m close to crawling into the refrigerator and closing the door

I’ll rig the lightbulb to stay on so I can read books by Jack London

To cool myself down in this here prickly London Town

I want to jump from treacherous arctic crab boats

And swim in the freezing Bearing Sea

Just anything, anywhere away from this stifling British heat.

Nothing to do but sit in my pants and complain

About the unfairness of life, of how my sweating feet

Are making my shoes stink and my shirt sticks to back

Leaving wet Rorschach ink blots between my shoulders.

I feel the heat now I’m older, when I was a kid

The heat meant amazing summer days hunting sticklebacks

Down the stream where the bigger kids hung out

Smoking their joints away from the beady eyes of their parents.

And I’m staring, staring into the mirror at the burnt patches

Of receding hairlines on my aching head

Wondering if I’m brave enough to get into bed

Without waking up an uncomfortable mess

Sheets strewn around my feet kicking at the invisible heat

Maybe I’ll do as the Indians do and have a nice cup of tea.

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