Hezeus Ramirez

He had spent the night lying next to the young girl,

staring at her youth, drinking her anguish

while slowly stroking her hair.

She had been unconscious due to the drugs,

unaware of the rape,

unaware of the pain He inflicted on her lifeless body.

So many before her He had murdered,

watched their lives slip away in calm solitude.

Having been born into chaos

He had never been able to find His true self,

adored by so many He had a megalomaniacal personality

forced upon Him, unable to live, only to exist for the gratuity of others.

His second coming had been heralded as a miracle;

people had waited for centuries

for His face to reappear in honesty

where so many false prophets had come before Him

claiming to be their salvation.

But it had been too much to handle,

society had fuelled His ego to monstrous proportions,

women had lain at His feet asking to be set free

– and He had done just that.

Sick of the weakness the human race had shown Him

He began martyring people for His own gratification,

and all the while the masses saw it as His will

and accepted His actions.

For too long He had pretended that He cared

about His Father’s good deeds and His Father’s faith in humanity;

but it fell on deaf ears when He realised

that Luci had been right all along.

If His Father was unable to destroy Luci

because of free will,

then He couldn’t touch His Son if He decided on His own path.

A door opened and He looked up.

“Are you finished with that one?” Luci asked

He turned back to the girl and sighed,

“She’s all but empty now, nothing more can I take from her,

“another lifeless being too happy to do anything I wanted of her.

“It’s becoming boring,

“the Death,

“the Anguish,

“the Screams,

“the Horror.

“If I’m not doing it for His sake I am doing it for my Own,

“but still I feel that having embraced this way of life

“I am only proving to Myself that there is no free will.”

Luci sat next to Him – glanced at the girl.


“So many have now Perished at Your hands,

“You have travelled the world



“Spreading Disease

“and hooking these pathetic mortals onto all the drugs

“Your Father so readily made available to them.

“So don’t tell me You have no free will,

“do You think this would be the will of Your Father?

“His angels search for You all over ‘His’ earth;

“and yet they have still not found You

“because they do not expect the Son of God

“to be ‘martyring innocence’ in a filthy crack den

“surrounded by dead virgins.”

“Your Father banished me from His house

“because His doting little cherub discovered that free will

“meant doing whatever the hell i wanted.

“He contradicted Himself with His lies –

“free will to Him is His will and no one else’s.

“So this guilt You are feeling is just a symptom of His ridiculous rules.

“Take a look around, the earth is swarming

“with a beautiful disease of Hatred and Wars so violent

“not even i could have imagined.

“Man is a sick dog with a broken tooth,

“and whenever he bites it hurts,

“but still he chews and devours everything he sees.

“You and i are embracing what Your Father created,

“and He uses me as His scapegoat

“so that all these meaningless little beings

“gather under stones and pieces of wood.

“To worship something

“They could never comprehend.

“No law can touch You, no action can hurt You,

“as immortals You and i can rule this land,

“We can change it from bureaucratic chaos

“to full-blown, uncontrolled mayhem,

“We can bring Pandemonium from the depths

“and rein here as Kings in a city of pure chaos.”

He turned and looked at His Father’s discarded pupil –

“Luci, My friend, because of your presence here

“chaos has been able to flourish,

“stabilised by greed and ego humanity has turned against itself,

“they no longer trust their ‘elected’,

“wars rage for material gain while they are blamed on religion.

“Money is the only thing they care for,

“except for Me of course.

“Excessive religions have caused assassinations against Me.

“Each time I am murdered

“a new War,

“yet I am resurrected more powerful than before,

“I feel like a Jedi.

“More and more sheep join in to worship Me,

“following My every move,

“in essence these annoying little ants have forced Me into hiding,

“a position of Hatred.

“It was only you who saved Me from the impending Madness

“Without you I would have spent Our immortal life helping and healing.

“Is it not the only truth We can depend on,

“that Evil will always prevail through man’s blood lust?”

He pushed the girl off the bed onto the floor,

she hit the ground dead – He stepped over her,

indifferent to her demise.

He walked through to the room where His clothes lay

slowly dressed Himself.

Looked with indifference at His worthless scars

reflected in the dirty mirror.

His shroud



Broken –


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