Korea – This is where I write now

  This is where I write now, while a sciatic nerve stabs me in the back as I sip on cold beers at a picnic table outside a convenience store in Pyeongchang Dong. A chill in the air makes me shiver – just a little and it’s always pen to paper in these moments. The … Continue reading Korea – This is where I write now

Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City With Vietjet

Taiwan to Vietnam on VietJet airlines.   It was my smart-ass idea to sleep at the airport in Taipei. A good money-saving technique when you’re on a travel shoestring. Luckily Taipei is a place where you can sleep on the ass-crack-sweat seats of a quiet Burger King – if you can call being woken up … Continue reading Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City With Vietjet

A Pyromaniac in the Woodshed

1 “Daniel Love! If you don’t get out of that manhole this instant I will phone your mother!” she was standing three feet above me on the wet pavement holding mine and the Doc’s bags. “Ha! You’ve gotta come down here its awesome!” I yelled up through the darkness with Doc at my side sporting … Continue reading A Pyromaniac in the Woodshed

For the old boy sat alone at the table

There was always room for one more place at the table, the seat always sat empty under the patterned table cloth, all stained with blood and nicotine coughed from the lungs of Pops, the old man with a gold tooth and a plastic heart. Pops had sat alone at the table for four years since … Continue reading For the old boy sat alone at the table

Stand Clear – Doors Closing

STAND CLEAR DOORS CLOSING   In my opinion she had had it coming, she was annoying, and I have a short fuse, short enough to punch old ladies in the neck, it was lucky her grandson wasn’t there as I probably would have pulled his hair and called him names... sticks and stones and all … Continue reading Stand Clear – Doors Closing